Lake Shore Schools two campuses are open Monday through Friday, 52 (fifty-two) weeks a year, with the
exception of holidays listed below.
 Our preschool campus opens at 6:45 AM for all enrolled students and
closes at 6:00 PM. Our grade school campus (
PreJK, JK, K and 1st-8th) opens at 7:45 AM for all enrolled
students and closes at 5:4
5 PM.  Lake Shore Schools is closed for the following holidays:

         New Year’s Day       Memorial Day                 Columbus Day                  Noon Christmas Eve
         President's Day       Independence Day         Thanksgiving Day            Christmas Day
         Good Friday            Labor Day                      Thanksgiving Friday         

When a holiday falls on a Saturday, Lake Shore Schools will be closed in celebration of that holiday the
Friday before. When a holiday falls on a Sunday, Lake Shore Schools will be closed in celebration of that
holiday the Monday following. As a reminder: there is no reduction in tuition for the holidays and another
day may not be substituted for a holiday.
The requirements for enrolling a student are applicable to all age levels and must be met prior to the first
day of attendance in class.
1.   Each student must have a physical dated within two months prior to enrollment. The physical form
must be fully completed, including the dates of all immunizations, the most recent tuberculin skin test
and results and the date of the lead assessment/screening and results. This physical form is a  
standard document available from the school office, most physician’s offices as well as the Illinois  
State Board of Health. It is required in the City of Chicago that the physician signs the physical form, it
may not be stamped nor signed by the nurse or nurse practitioner. Immunizations and immunization
records must be current before the first day of school and/or attendance. State rule/law requires
parents to provide yearly updated physician forms at or prior to the anniversary date of the physical
on file.
2.   Receipt and review of the parent/student handbook, providing a signed receipt accepting
bility for all information contained herein. This signed receipt also indicates acceptance of the rules,
procedures, policies and practices of Lake Shore Schools. Any deviation can result in Lake Shore
Schools requesting withdrawal from the program.
3.   Each student must have a fully completed registration form on file and updated as often as necessary
to keep school records accurate and complete. This form is supplied by Lake Shore Schools and can
only be signed by the parent or legal guardian. Changes to any of the contained information must be
made immediately for the safety and well being of every student. Please be sure to review other
sections in our handbook regarding dismissal, medication, approved individuals for student release,
all of which rely on the information contained on each student’s registration form.
4.   An authorization to consent to emergency medical treatment and authorization to participate in field
trips is included on the registration form discussed in #3. In the event of any activity requiring
treatment, a copy of this form will be provided to the medical practitioners.
5.   Included with our Lake Shore Schools registration packet are several forms, in addition to the
registration form. Each is vitally important and must be fully completed prior to a student’s first day of
attendance. Included are: tuition contract, history of care form, adult release/discharge listings (other
than parent), list of required clothing for classroom emergencies, student information sheet and
possibly others as needed.
6.   A perspective student is required to visit Lake Shore Schools prior to enrollment in our program. This
visit is in preparation for inclusion into their class and is one part of our process to prepare your
student for a positive and enjoyable transition to their classroom and new friends. We encourage this
visit to be made with the parents or legal guardians, but understand when working hour’s conflict.
Therefore, another family member or friend can always bring your perspective student for their visit.
Visiting hours are 9:30 AM, Monday through Friday. Appointments are not necessary, but are
encouraged to insure that the class is on sight and available. Every classroom, as part of their
curriculum and educational programming, have field trips and excursions that take them away from
their building monthly. We would not want you or your student to be disappointed. Expect to spend at
least 1/2 to 1 hour in your student’s new classroom. This gives all of us sufficient time to get to know
our new student and for them to feel comfortable with us.
7.   A copy of Lake Shore Schools change of information/departure form is also provided. This form is to
be used whenever a parent is notifying the school regarding changes in their information,
attendance, departure or termination. When requested, a copy of the completed form will be
provided, so that all records are consistent and accurate. All information must be provided in written
form and given to the administration at either campus office. Please do not send changes with your
student, as there is little guarantee that they are received.  
Enrollment: 1st thru 8th GRADES
To enroll a student, the following criteria must be met:
1.   Students must have physical, TB skin test and immunizations at state required age! grade levels. See
appendixes A and F and page 9 (on Student Handbook).
2.   A tuition contract must be completed & signed by parent or guardian (appendix B, on Student
3.   A Registration Form (see appendix C on Student Handbook) must be signed and completed by the     
parent or legal guardian. Changes in any information must be made in writing (see appendix C on
Student Handbook) and submitted whenever occurring throughout the school year. It is the parent/
guardian’s responsibility to provide the school administration with this information immediately.
4.   Any changes or corrections regarding authorized persons receiving a child must be made in writing
(see appendix C on Student Handbook).
5.   Changes in enrollment information must be made in writing prior to date of application and discussed
with an administration member. This includes, but is not limited to, changes in services, information,
authorizations and termination.